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Irrigatia Solar Automatic Drip Watering System (12 Drip Kit)


The Irrigatia SOL-K12 Solar Automatic Watering System is a unique, simple to use system that is powered by the sun. Easy to setup, the Irrigatia system intelligently regulates water flow to ensure your plants ideal moisture levels are maintained. Perfect for watering your garden beds, vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, greenhouses, grow bags, vertical gardens or pot plants and of course it's a great solution for your plants while you are on holidays.


1 x Irrigatia Solar pump unit
1 x Anti siphon device
1 x Inlet filter
1 x 15m tube
12 x each drips, stakes, tees

irrigatia 12 dripper kit


Maximum Lift:
Drippers can be placed up to 5m above your water source.

Maximum Pump Height:
Irrigatia pump can be up to 3m above your water source.

Maximum Pump Distance:
Irrigatia pump can be up to 20m from your water source.
Maximum Tube Run:
60m from water source to furthest dripper.
(The pump can be anywhere up to 20m from the water source within that run)
Water dispensed:
7500 ml per hour, which equates to approx 625ml per dripper per hour.
Run time:
Up to 1 hour in very sunny conditions. 3 Hours to recharge.
Varies considerably depending on the weather and location of Irrigatia Pump.


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