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New Blunt™ XS_Metro + TILE

The BLUNT™ XS_Metro is the ultimate balance of portability and performance for a compact umbrella.

This 2-stage model is the strongest collapsible umbrella around. It is the go-to choice for urban dwellers, folding up, and sliding into its sleeve so that it fits easily in your bag - making it easier to carry around than a full sized stick umbrella.

New for 2015 - the XS_Metro now comes with TILE.

What is TILE?

Tile is a helpful, easy way to find anything.

How it Works 

​U​pon downloading the Tile app and registering your umbrella you can find your BLUNT™ + Tile in several ways.

1. When BLUNT™ + Tile is within 50-100 feet, you can open the Tile app on your phone and press “Find” to play a tune to help locate it when lost nearby.

2. If you leave your BLUNT™ + Tile behind, say at a coffee shop, and open the app sometime later when they realize your umbrella is missing, the app will show the BLUNT™ + Tile’s location on a map and the time it was last seen.

3. Additionally, using the Community Find feature, if another user running the Tile app is in that same coffee shop (or within range of anywhere else the BLUNT™ + Tile may have traveled to) the app will discreetly and securely send the owner the up-to-date location in real time. 

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