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Shoes & Socks - Make them Rock!

Like to be a little different? Yeh, don't we all, but making a statement with your shoes or socks takes you to a whole new Mork from Ork level. (Mork & Mindy, Google it...).
Here are some fun products that will certainly make you stand out in the streets.

SuckUk Crazy Show Shoe Laces Rainbow $14.95 a set but sure to transform your old sneakers into the coolest sneakers on the block.
and again in the good old U,S of A Stars & Stripes - Rock on!!!
Kids getting bored of their old sneakers? Well give them a dash of Crocodile or Pig!! What? I hear you not say....Take a look.

Pretty Cool eh? Buy them here, you know they will luv em...
Now for some "i want those" socks.
Available in 3 yummy flavours (no, you cannot eat them).

and for the sports minded among us:
Choose from:

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