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New SuckUK Products

It seems that whatever they make people just love it. SuckUK has a vast range of great gifts for the Home & Office that show off that quintessential English tongue in cheek humour. 

The SuckUk latest additions include the Pencil Stylus, a good old fashioned pencil that doesn't have a rubber at the end but a stylus. made for use with your smartphone or tablet.


Then there is the ever so simple tab notebook. It seems our never ending pursuit of self organisation has come full circle and this handy notepad with coloured tabbed pages makes taking notes a pleasure rather than a chore.

Then comes the Terrorist Teapot, at a time when most of us are scared to even say the word in public SuckUk make it into a teapot, classic.

To browse the complete SUCKUK range click here.


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