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Mens Grooming products land at Beezer

By popular demand we have extended our Mens Gift Range to include some world class products from some the most sort after Mens Grooming Brands in the world.

clubman pinaud
Starting with the Clubman Pinaud range of great smelling products. Renowned for their "old style" scents, Clubman products are a fresh, easy to use range that emphasise masculinity without being overpowering or overly chemically...

The classic Lime Sec Cologne is a great example of their range, fresh high notes of Lime leaving your skin refreshed and comfortable. Great for all day use, superb for pre & post workout.  


Check out the complete Clubman Pinaud Range here.

Fed up with the prices of replacement shaving blades guys?

safety razorYeh, me too. We are not alone, I guess thats why they are under security in supermarkets, people feel ripped off. 

Did you know you can buy 100 Quality Platinum edge razor blades for $24.95? Yep , thats right, back before we got all commercial about our shaving we used to use a good old "safety razor". A very simple to use razor that takes a single double sided razor blade. You get a great shave, yes its comparable, if not better than the fancy 3 blade, vibrating razors and each blade lasts about the same. Not only that, using a safety razor is actually just more enjoyable. 


Other great brands now available are:


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