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Resist the Throw-away Culture with a Blunt Umbrella

blunt umbrellas australia

Blunt Umbrellas.

Resist the throw-away culture

blunt umbrella photoPutting it bluntly, Blunt umbrellas are the single most significant advancement in umbrella design in over a century... or even longer. Who really knows how long, but they are without a doubt the world's best umbrellas - designed in New Zealand.

Blunt umbrellas is a global umbrella company founded in New Zealand by design engineer Greig Brebner.

Blunt umbrellas aim to create the world's strongest umbrellas and lay claim to creating the only umbrellas on the market with fully tensioned canopies.

Blunt’s revolutionary canopies and Radial Tensioning System ensure Blunt umbrellas can withstand wind strength far beyond levels that users would feel comfortable using an umbrella in.

In addition, each umbrella comes equipped with an approved 38 point check, fibreglass ribs, aerodynamic handling, wind tunnel testing, safety tips, storm resistance and a global two year warranty.

Blunts Range of umbrellas consist of:

Travel Umbrellas:

Stick Umbrellas

Golf Umbrellas

Kids Umbrella

Special Edition Blunt Umbrellas


blunt umbrellas


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