The Worm Swag

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The Worm Swag is the best worm farm on the market. designed and made in Australia the swag is an efficient, clean continuous flow worm farm. You simply feed from the top and harvest the castings from the bottom. No messy trays to deal with.
The worm swag is available as a hanging worm farm, or if you don't have something solid enough to hang it from you can also get a stand version.

Worm farms are here to stay and with good reason too.

Recycling your food waste is a great thing to do, not only does it stop it going to landfill and producing methane but it actually creates two fantastic bi-products for you. Vermicast and Liquid Gold.

The best worm farm systems are known as "continuous flow" systems. they are cleaner and more efficient than the old layered systems and are super easy to use.The Worm Swag is one such product, designed and made in Australia the Worm Swag is simply the best worm farm available.

Continuous Flow:

worm swagThe shape of The Worm Swag is designed to keep the worms at the top, where the food source is. As the food waste is processed by the compost worms it moves downwards into the narrower section compressing the contents. Compost worms are surface dwellers and they can sense this compaction and move up into the looser areas. This process keeps The Worm Swag super efficient and clean.

Clean & Easy to Use:

Feeding from the top and harvesting from the bottom is the easiest, cleanest method of worm farming. No trays to sort, no worms to sort and no rotting foods from inefficient processes. The Worm Swag is the simply the best value for money worm farm on the market.

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