Mobee The Magic Bar

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The Mobee Magic Bar is a charging station for your apple wireless keyboard. Simply swap out the standard batteries for the Mobee battery and place the keyboard in the dock. The Mobee Magic Bar dock will hold a charge without being plugged in, so it's also handy for travelling. It s takes approx 6 hours to fully re-charge the dock. 

What's included in the Pack
Aluminum Base Station
Cylindrical Battery Pack (2AA Size)
Micro-USB Cable
Technical Specifications
Base Station Size: 300x45x25mm
Base Station Weight: 6.63oz/188g
Battery Weight: 1.34oz/38g
Autonomy: 10 days
Full Charge Time : 8 hours
Power Cons. on USB: 270 mA Max
Battery Life: 500 Cycles
Cable Length: 105 cm
Warranty: One Year

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