iStabilizer Shutter Remote for iOS

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Control your iOS devices with iStabilizer Remote Bluetooth technology.

Take Pictures

No one wants to be left out of the picture. And sometimes, there is no one else to take it. That is why Shutter Remote expands your reach to 30 feet so you can capture the full story of your picture: the beautiful scenery and all the people there.

Listen to Music

Where are you? In your car. In your office. At home. Either way, you want your hands free. Move around without carrying your iPhone. Drive safely while changing songs and volume (including mute) without taking your eyes off the road.

Play Movies

Got your iMac or iPad playing your favorite movie across the table? Now you have control to pause/play to grab popcorn, answer calls, or quickly take care of something. With additional play, volume, brightness and mute controls, Shutter Remote gives you so much more.

Activate siri

Safely activate Siri with the touch of a button even when your iPhone/iPad is out of reach.

Start Navigation

Again, using Siri, you can safely drive your car and activate Apple Maps to route you to your destination. Simply touch the Shutter Remote button for Siri, instead of reaching for your iPhone.

Compatible with Mac

Use the Shutter Remote to control Keynote presentations on your Mac (currently not compatible with Keynote on iOS devices). Control music and movies directly on your Mac with Shutter Remote's media buttons.

Additional Details

Compatible with:all generations of iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch.
Can be used with all iStabilizer products.
Weight:0.05 lbs

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