Sonny Angel - Christmas 2016 Blind Box

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Genuine Sonny Angel Christmas 2016 Series Blind Kewpie Dolls from Australian Authorised dealer.

These are a very limited release.

Recall the joy and mystery of collecting toys from gumball machines.
Each sonny angel character wears nothing but a hand-painted head dress.

Single Blind Box:

Sonny Angel Kewpie dolls are sold "blind" That means there is no marking on the box to identify what is inside so you will receive 1 of the 4 designs listed below. If you order multiple dolls, we will select from the same box of 12 so that you may get a double up.

The complete 2016 Christmas Series includes 4 different types of dolls:
Christmas Gift, Reindeer, Christmas Stocking, Santa Claus

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