Pinnacle Show & Listen Record Album Frames

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Show & Listen is the original way to display your favourite music and vinyl record art. Something new for music enthusiasts and an original interior design concept.

The frame makes vinyl records accessible for both use and display, via a simple push button which allows the frame to open. Uses only one screw to hang.

Available in Black.

Dimensions: 38cm x 38cm x 2.5cm

When you want to change the display, there's no need to take the flip frame off the wall. Just press the easy release catch at the top and the faceplate hinges open.

Albums can vary in thickness, but for perfect display, the artwork needs to be held firmly in place. Play and Display frames have four sprung fingers on the back plate which ensure that the contents are firmly held no matter what the thickness.

The back plate of the frame is fixed to the wall using a single screw through a central hanging slot. This makes for easy installation and removal, and makes it easy to keep the frame straight on the wall. The necessary fixings are supplied with each frame.

On the side that faces the wall, the back plate has four soft pads, one at each corner. These ensure that the frame is held securely against the wall while helping to prevent scuff marks from occurring.

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