Urban Composter

For years people have been searching for a simple and convenient indoor compost bin. The Urban Composter is a revolutionary composting product that doesn’t just hold your waste en-route to the compost heap, but actually starts the composting process right in your kitchen while keeping everything smelling sweet.

The Urban Composter replaces the unsightly plastic bin full of kitchen scraps, and gives you an alternative to grinding and flushing your organic scraps down the drain.  The Urban Composter is a stylish, clean and effective bench-top composting system that turns your unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden.

What can I put in it?
All types of food scraps can be added. These include greens, meat, fish, citrus, dairy, coffee grounds, wilted flowers, egg shells and more. We recommend cutting up scraps into smaller pieces to allow for quicker fermentation. Make sure proteins such as meat and fish are thoroughly sprayed with accelerator. (no bones or excessive liquids).
How do I use it?
Cut up your food scraps and throw them into the Urban Composter Bucket. Spray Compost Accelerator onto the scraps every time they are added. Drain the juice off every few days. This can be diluted (1:100) with water and used as a fertiliser in the garden. Alternatively it can be poured down the sink and acts as an organic drain cleaner.
When it’s full what do I do?
Ensure that the bucket is left for at least a week (preferably 2) after it is full to ensure its all fermented. Once fermented ensure all juice is drained off. Then bury under soil, or place on compost heap. Will break down in 4-8 weeks and can be planted into or used elsewhere in the garden.