ReGadget buys old gadgets from customers who no longer have a use for them. They offer an instant cash price for gadgets listed on their website. If you cannot find your gadget, you can submit a custom product quote. This means they can offer a price for any gadget you may have.

How does it work?

regadgetReGadget offer an instant gadget price based on questions asked to you.
Once a price has been generated, you can add it to your cart and submit your order to ReGadget.
Once the gadget has been received and inspected, a cash payment is sent to your bank account.

To see how ReGadget works in more detail, visit How It Works.

What happens to my gadgets?

Most old gadgets have some usefulness left within them. Depending on the age and condition of the gadget, the gadget will be either reused or recycled. Reusing is the best form of recycling, and is a preferred way for ReGadget to dispose of gadgets. If the gadget cannot be reused, it is recycled for raw materials and made into new products like