S'well Drinking Bottles - FAQ's


Q: How long will delivery take?
A: Your order will be processed and dispatched via Australia Post with Tracking, depending on your location this will take 2 - 5 days to arrive!

Q: Can I take a S’well Bottle through airport security?
A: As long as your S’well bottle is empty going through security, your S’well is ready to travel with you to your next destination!

Q: How do I clean my bottle?
A: S’well bottles can be cleaned simply with hot water and soap. For optimal cleansing we recommend using a combination of hot water, soap, and vinegar. S’well bottles are not dishwasher safe, so please be careful when cleaning your S’well bottle.

Q: What can go into my S’well bottle?
A: Anything! Water, wine, beer, cocktails, coffee, hot chocolate, soup? You name it. S’well bottles can handle any liquid.

Q: What is the size and weight of a S’well bottle?
A: The S'well 260ml500ml & 750ml. 260ml & 500ml sized bottles fit in a standard size cup-holder.

Q: Can I put my S’well in the refrigerator/freezer?
A: Thanks to ThermaSwell technology, there’s no need! The S'well vacuum seal keeps anything you put in the bottle cold for 24 hours & hot for twelve. You can actually damage the bottle by placing it in a freezer, so be mindful if doing so!

Q: How can I clean my bottle with Chalk Ink on it?
A: Chalk Ink easily wipes away with a damp cloth and water, or Windex.

Q: How do I store my bottle?
A: We recommend allowing the bottles to air dry with the lids off. Be mindful not to submerge the lids in liquids for a long period of time as it can interfere with the vacuum seal.

Q: What is a S’well bottle composed of?
A: All of the Swell bottles are made of the highest grade 18/8 stainless steel and coated with soy-based paints.  Even better, Swell bottles are non-leaching, BPA and toxin free.

* Swell bottle lids contain a small silicon O-ring.

Q: Will my bottle sweat?
A: Thanks to the Swell double walled insulation, S’well bottles are sweat proof!