WallPaper FAQ's

All you need to know.

Actually, it’s not that much. Decorating with wallpapers & murals is not only incredibly easy – the results are always impressive and unique. If your question is not mentioned here, please contact our customer service.

The Product

What quality is the wallpaper?
The wallpaper that we use is class A double-layered non-woven wallpaper. This means that it is not the wallpaper that has to be pasted, but the wall. So you can forget the hassle with the wallpapering table. The material is washable, and can be removed again easily, even after years.  

Does the wallpaper come with instructions?
Yes. The wallpaper comes with detailed hanging and care instructions. 


Why is this paper better than peel & stick wallpapers?

Quite simply, this is real wallpaper. Created with all the romance and quality of a traditional paper house. It’s not a signage solution being passed off as wallpaper, nor does it suffer peeling when installed in harsh environments like Australia.

So why Non-woven? This is wallpaper made from wood pulp with added textile fibres to make the wallpaper strong, dimensionally stable and easy to hang. This wallpaper is so simple to hang you dont even need water.

Moreover,  our wallpapers are fire retardant and meet the latest BAC Fire ratings).

Where are the wallpapers made?
All the wallpapers are made at the WallPaper Republic factory in Brisbane, Australia. 

My wallpaper is damaged or unsatisfactory in some other way. What should I do?

Immediately after receipt, and before you start hanging the paper, please check whether the packaging and the wall paper are intact, or if there is any damage or defect.

If something is not right you can return the roll(s) free of charge in the original packaging. We will send you a new roll or rolls by return.

To do this, contact Beezer Returns



What paste should I use?
To achieve the best results, we recommend using a non-woven wallpaper paste that you apply on the walls – do not use combination adhesives.

We have used this brand:

Zinsser - SureGrip

Premium Heavy Duty Clear Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive.

Apply Liberally

When do I need to seal the wall?
You only need to seal the wall if it is very porous or absorbent. For example for new walls or newly plastered walls which have never been wallpapered or painted before. If water from a wet sponge disappears into the wall, then it is too absorbent. You can pre-paste by diluting the paste (that you use for wallpapering) with extra water. Apply this at least 5 hours before you plan to wallpaper the wall.

Can I put non-woven wallpaper up using a different adhesive?

If you don’t use adhesive specially recommended for non-woven wallpapers, then you need to use a sufficiently heavy-duty adhesive.

Can I also put non-woven wallpaper up by pasting the paper instead of the wall?

It’s possible, but we advise against it.

Do wrinkles in the wallpaper go away?

It is normal that after hanging wallpaper, a few bubbles remain. Provided that the wallpaper was rubbed on properly, usually they go away within a week.

Can I paste new wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

If the wallpaper is firmly attached and is even in appearance, you can. Make sure that you do not lay an edge over an edge underneath. Our advice is always to work with a bare wall. With non-woven wallpapering, that always gives the best results.



How do I place my order?

Shop for WallPaper.
Shop for Wall Murals.

All orders are drop shipped to your door. All orders are to be paid for prior to production and shipping. 

How long are delivery times?

Your wallpapers are sent to production immediately after you place your order. Delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks, depending on order volumes and location. 

Can I order my wallpaper in any size I want?

Yes you can. Wall murals are all custom made to fit your walls. So have your measurements ready and give us a call or email with your requirements. For wallpaper, we only do rolls of 10 metres.

Can I order samples?

Yes, you can order samples. Samples are A4 to a scale of 1:1 and are, of course, printed on the same material that we print wallpaper on. Samples are charged at $5.00 each including delivery.