Bluelounge CableDrop

In stock
  • Multi-purpose clips that help route wires and cables and keep cords in place
  • Peel and stick, self-adhesive backing
  • 6 CableDrops per pack

The ever-popular CableDrop helps route wires and cables and keeps cords properly positioned and in place.
Whether affixed to a desk, wall or discreetly tucked behind a table, CableDrops are able to gently grasp power/peripheral cords and secure them so they don’t fall off the edge or become an unruly mess around working or living spaces.

Sold in a pack of six and available in Black, White, Bright and Muted color sets, CableDrops can be used anywhere. Choose the muted color set to seamlessly blend in with your furniture or the bright palette to add a pop of color to your desktop.


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