Bluelounge Kosta

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  • Soft rubber surface to protect Apple Watch from everyday wear and tear
  • Discreet size to place anywhere and recharge 
  • Magnetic centre to secure Apple Watch charger and ensure the charger stays put
  • Non-slip rubber to keep the coaster in place

Kosta is simple to use – all you need is your original Apple Watch charger. Simply feed the cable through the opening, secure the charging center on the magnet and pass the cable through the dedicated channel beneath Kosta to plug into your AC adapter/USB port. 

Kosta is a soft rubber coaster that uses your existing Apple Watch charger to create a landing pad for your watch at the end of the night.
Peacefully resting on its side, you maintain access to your watch to use as an alarm clock while Kosta provides a dedicated nook to recharge.

A magnet at the center ensures that your charger is always neatly contained within the confines of Kosta’s soft edges and its rubber material keeps it from slipping around on flat surfaces.

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