Bluelounge Sleeve for iPad

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  • Made from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles
  • Hard wearing, with solid-aluminium details
  • Magnetic closures to open and close with ease
  • Water resistant to keep devices protected in all weather conditions

    The Sleeves were designed to be the perfect sheath to keep your devices covered and protected from everyday use. Made out of 100% PET recycled plastic bottles, this Eco-Friendly Sleeve’s soft matte-finish fabric has a natural feel that is gadget—and earth—friendly.

    Fusing urban design with superior craftsmanship, the Bluelounge Sleeve for iPads is designed to safely transport your devices and gadgets in style. Tailored to fit your iPad without adding bulk, it utilises the highest quality materials and features a coated fabric that provides moisture resistance to keep devices protected in all weather conditions.

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