Bluelounge Sling for iPad

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  • Sleek main compartment securing an iPad and a favourite book, without adding bulk
  • Fits most iPads and tablets
  • Easy-access front pocket holds crucial small accessories
  • Comfortable simple-to-adjust cross body fit
  • Easy-snap magnetic closure
  • Made from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles
  • Water resistant to keep devices protected in all weather conditions

    The "tablet transporter", designed to be just what you need, nothing more.  The Bluelounge Sling, specifically for your iPad, is a padded bag to hold your tablet and other essentials when you're out and about.

    Made out of 100% PET recycled plastic bottles, this Eco-Friendly Sling's soft matte-finish fabric has a natural feel that is gadget—and earth—friendly.
    Fusing urban design with superior craftsmanship, the Bluelounge Sling is perfectly proportioned to carry your iPad and a few other essential so you don't get loaded down. It utilises the highest quality materials and features a coated fabric that provides moisture resistance to keep devices protected in all weather conditions.

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