Blunt Lite+ Wind/Storm Proof Umbrella

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Blunt Lite+ The ultimate lightweight all-weather umbrella. The opaque canopy blocks 99.99% of sunlight and more than 99% of UV light for beach forays. The e-Dry water repellent coating keeps you dry under a pouring rainstorm. The patented RTS design stretches the canopy as tautly as possible, preventing BLUNT umbrellas from turning inside out at a wind's breath. With their sleek design, these umbrellas are the ultimate defense against the elements. 

  • 1 Black BLUNT Lite+ Umbrella
  • 41" diameter
  • 1 lb
  • Opaque canopy blocks 99% of UV light
  • E-dry water repellent coated
  • Patented BLUNT Tips and Radial Tensioning System protects against heavy downpour and winds up to 70 MPH
Video: Blunt Umbrella Wind Tunnel Test
Delivery: 1-3 Days

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