Chuppon Animal Self-Watering Plants

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These Japanese creatures carry straws in their mouths, miniature herb gardens in their backpacks as they perch comfortably on the edge of any glass or mug.

When their plant is in need of a drink, the thirsty animal takes a nourishing swig through the straw, just the right amount too. There's no need for watering cans; just your own plant and animal that look after themselves.

  • Cute ceramic creatures that drink when their herbs are thirsty
  • Perches on the edge of any glass, cup or mug
  • 4 thirsty critters to choose from:
    • Kitten - Mint
    • Pig - Clover
    • Bunny - Wild Strawberry
    • Panda - Basil
  • Box contains a ceramic animal planter, plastic straw, seeds, soil and backpack pot


  • Measures approximately 6cm(W) x 11.5cm(H) x 6cm(D)

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