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D.I.Y. Synth Kit

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Make your synthesiser from scratch, follow the manual and connect the parts together. Experiment with pitch, frequency and volume to make electronic music like Kraftwerk.

Make three different synths: Dub Siren, Stutter and Atari! Play your synth and record your next big hit. Hack and experiment with circuits to make new sounds!

Age: 12+
Difficulty: tricky
Making time: 1hr per synth

In the box: Check the insert in your kit box to make sure you have all of your components.

You will need:
  • 9V battery
  • Computer or tablet with internet access

Visit the Technology Will Save Us website for manuals, projects and more.

Packaging dimensions: 14.5cm x 10cm x 4.6cm

  • The recommended age for this kit is 12+ as it contains small parts. Some of the components have sharp points or edges and are best handled with care
  • The synth kit is designed to be powered using a PP3 9V battery. Using a different power source will probably break it and may be dangerous
  • This kit is great for hacking and modding - but proceed with a bit of caution and planning. Go online to access the great resources Technology Will Save Us has made for you