iStabilizer TabFlex Tripod & Mount for Tablets

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Secure your iPad, iPad mini, Kindle, Nexus or virtually ANY tablet to virtually ANY surface - with the iStabilizer tabFlex (Patent Pending). Secure your tablet to a car headrest, tree branch, pole, fence, tripod, desk, kitchen countertop, or anything else you can think of. Just a tiny accessory to make a huge impact in how you use your tablet, the iStabilizer tabMount is a favorite accessory for tablet users everywhere. The iStabilizer tabFlex willeven cradle your device while in your preferred case*.

Q: What is the difference between the tabMount and the tabFlex?A: The tabFlex = tabMount + flexible leg tripod. If you only need the Mount, please order the tabMount.If you want the tabMount with the Flexible Leg Tripod, order the tabFlex (you're on the right page).

The iStabilizer tabFlex is small and agile enough to travel with you wherever life takes you. Just pop in your tablet and you're ready to go!

The included iStabilizer tabMount (Patent Pending) can be used on any standard tripod or equipment that uses the standard _ x20 tripod thread.

Additional Details

Compatible with:iPad, iPad mini, Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Kindle, and virtually ANY other tablet.
Approximately 3.75 W x 6.25 H x 1.5 D (9.5 x 15.8 x 3.8cm).
Mount expands to accept larger tablets (like the iPad) up to 8.25" (21cm) wide or smaller tablets (like the iPad mini) up to 8.25" (21cm) tall
Weight: 0.6 oz (0.03 lbs)
Maximum weight load: 40 oz (2.5 lbs)

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