Knomo iPad Air Premium Leather Folio Case Back - Black

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The New iPad Air Premium Folio Case is made from full-grain leather and tough moulded plastic. Designed to accommodate Apple's New iPad Air. The deluxe case offers a luxurious way of protecting your iPad, while aiding its use.

  • Ideal as a presentation tool
  • Case can be used in 3 ways: to protect your iPad on the move, opened into upright position for viewing movies, folded into raised position for typing.
  • Card holder and Notepad slip pocket included
  • Luxurious full-grain leather
  • Form-fitted rubberised case
  • Microfibre Lining - Easy access: headphone jack, speaker, lightning connector - My Knomo ID tag with unique ‘If Lost’ ID number to help reunite you with your knomo
  • Fits New iPad 5

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