Luna - low profile keyboard with illuminated keys

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The minimalistic design of Moshi's Luna keyboard offers a sleek profile during the day, while its true beauty shines once the night settles. Luna's backlit illuminated keys make typing easier in all lighting conditions, perfect for touch typists and gamers alike.  The crystal clear acrylic frame further accentuates Luna's elegance by offering a zero-gravity appearance in low ambient lighting. Luna provides an ergonomic 9-degree tilt angle to ensure that the wrists remain comfortably flat while typing, and each individual scissor key mechanism has been optimized for precise tactile responsiveness. Furthermore, Luna supports multimedia function keys under both Mac OS X and Windows, making it the most versatile keyboard for systems running dual operating systems.

  • Laser-etched illuminated keys with adjustable brightness levels.
  • Full size keyboard that supports both Mac OS X and Windows 7 / XP.
  • Optimized scissor-key mechanism ensures precise tactile responsiveness.
  • Ultra-low profile ergonomic design minimizes stress on your wrists while typing.

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