Ridleys Magic Kit (5 Tricks)

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Hey Presto! Impress your friends and family with your magical skills with this Magic Kit. Full step by step instructions included for every trick.

Includes 5 tricks:

Thumb Tip Trick - Magically produce a handkerchief from your empty hand then astound your audience as it disappears
Multiplying Balls - Mesmerise your audience as one ball becomes two, three and the four between your fingers
Secret Taper Cards - Miraculously make a spectators' chosen card rise to the top of the deck
Miracle Dice - Randomly place 5 dice into the magic box, give a little shake and the numbers change
Magic Rope Trio - Transform 3 different sized lengths of rope into 3 equal lengths with a snap of the wrist and then return them back to their original size in a flash
Suitable for children ages 3 and up.