Map: Exploring The World - Phaidon Press

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Map is a comprehensive collection of maps and mapping throughout history, exploring the full diversity of the cartographer’s art through some of the most important, groundbreaking and beautiful maps ever made.

  • A visually engaging, thematic survey of maps
  • Features some of the most influential mapmakers and institutions in history, including Gerardus Mercator, Abraham Ortelius, Phyllis Pearson, Heinrich Berann, Bill Rankin, Ordnance Survey and Google Earth
  • Over 250 maps featured, sequenced thematically to allow for many revealing and stimulating juxtapositions, with a timeline of maps to show the history of cartography
  • Includes iconic historical maps, like the Babylonian Imago Mundi (c. 600 BCE) and the Ptolemy maps, modern examples such as the graphic map of the London Underground (1931), and digital examples like Paul Butler's Facebook Friendships map (2010)


  • Hardback
  • English
  • 29cm x 25cm
  • 352 pages
  • 400 colour illustrations

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