Moshi Concerti for iPad Air

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Moshi's Concerti for iPad mini has been exquisitely tailored to protect your device in a slim and elegant form factor. The front cover supports iPad mini's magnet assembly to enable the popular auto-wake/sleep function for quick and convenient access to all your rich content. Concerti's hybrid silicone inner case provides 360-degree protection and has a unique soft ledge design for dozens of adjustable viewing angles. If you're looking for elegant protection and versatility, then Concerti is the ideal choice for your iPad mini.


  • Hybrid silicone/microfiber inner case provides superior 360-degree shock and scratch protection.
  • Built-in magnet assembly for auto-wake/sleep functionality.
  • Doubles as a versatile stand with dozens of adjustable viewing angles.
  • Unobstructed use of front and backside cameras while inside the case.
  • Convenient elastic strap secures the front cover in place when closed.

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