Moshi Concerti for iPhone 5/5s/SE

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Exquisitely tailored for iPhone 5, Concerti strikes a chord with those who are looking for a form-fitting case that provides an elegant synergy with iPhone. Designers at Moshi have worked diligently to harmonize Concerti with iPhone by selecting materials that cradle the device in luxury, while also providing complete 360-degree protection against scratches and shocks. Concerti provides full access to all controls and includes a washable Neato screen cleaner specifically designed to keep your touchscreen free from fingerprints and smudges.

  • Flip case design provides 360-degree protection against scratches and shocks.
  • Elegantly tailored and lined with Moshi's proprietary Terahedron microfiber.
  • Equipped with Neato, a detachable and washable cleaning pad.
  • All iPhone cameras and buttons remain easily accessible.

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