Moshi iVisor Pro 15 Retina Anti-glare Screen Guard for MacBook Pro 15" Retina

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iVisor Pro is the next-generation screen protector designed for Apple's MacBook Pro. Utilizing Moshi's proprietary technology, iVisor is the only screen protector on the market today that can guarantee a bubble-free installation in seconds. Its new multilayer coating ensures absolute clarity while reducing glare, effectively relieving eye strain. Best of all, iVisor Pro can be washed and re-applied repeatedly thanks to its new polymer adhesive.

  • Proprietary technology ensures that iVisor is 100% bubble-free upon installation. .
  • Surface treatment provides enhanced scratch and fingerprint resistance.
  • High transparency ensures minimal impact to brightness.
  • iVisor can be washed and reapplied repeatedly.
  • Installation only takes seconds.
  • Utilizes new multi-layered structure for greater clarity and sharpness.
Important Notes:
- iVisor is NOT compatible with MacBook white and matte screen option MacBook Pros (silver bezel).
- Do not bend or fold iVisor; crease marks are permanent and will affect performance.
- Don't throw away the original packaging and back sticker; use them for temporary stow-away.

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