Moshi VersaKeyboard for iPad Air

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Don't bother bringing your laptop — VersaKeyboard combines an ultra-thin keyboard with our popular VersaCover to give you the ultimate in iPad productivity. The detachable Bluetooth keyboard can be positioned anywhere within 30 feet of your iPad for maximum typing flexibility. Optimised scissor keys ensure tactile responsiveness and swift iOS keyboard shortcuts. When not in use, the keyboard slides snugly into the rear polycarbonate case for easy storage.

The origami-inspired VersaCover allows you to prop your device in both landscape and portrait modes for flexible viewing options. The soft micro-fiber cover shields the display while on the go and also supports iPad's auto-wake/sleep function. Despite its sturdiness, VersaKeyboard weighs only 350 grams (12.5 ounces), making it one of the lightest, all-in-one iPad keyboard and case solutions available today.


  • Detachable Bluetooth keyboard with 130 hours of battery life and LED power indicator.
  • Folding VersaCover doubles as a stand in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design at 350 grams (12.5 ounces).
  • Durable polycarbonate shell includes convenient keyboard slot.
  • Support for iPad auto-wake and sleep functionality.

SIZE: 24.4 x 17.5 x 1.5 cm


VersaCover folding instructions



Two small dots are stamped on the inside of VersaCover. Fold as illustrated so the two dots touch each other.

This single fold allows you to place VersaCover at all 3 viewing angles: portrait, landscape, and typing.


One cover / 3 modes



Keyboard Instructions

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