Nanoleaf Light Panels Mounting Kit

In stock

Aurora Mounting Kit are an add-on to Smarter Kits (9 or 15 or Rhythm Kit) only

  • Kit includes 6 Flex Linkers + 12 Thumbtack Mounts
  • Nanoleaf Modular Panels snap together like LEGO pieces
  • Apple Homekit Certified, Apps for iOS & Android
  • Quick & easy 'no hassle’ installation

Designed for the more permanent and professional installations, the thumbtack mounting option enables users to install their Aurora panels to the walls and ceilings using screws to truly secure the panels in place.

The Mounting Kit (non-retail packaged) brings an amazing new amount of design option to Nanoleaf Aurora, smart lighting designed to help you light up your life your way.

Combine up to 30 panels for the ultimate experience. 

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