Netatmo Tags | Waterproof Security Sensors for the Welcome Camera

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Netatmo Tags are waterproof security sensors which you can place on your door, window, mailbox or garage to receive a notification when they are opened.  As the Tags sense vibrations, they can alert you even before an intrusion.

  • 3 security sensors that detect the opening and closing of any door/window and send notifications to your smartphone
  • Vibration detection: alerts you even before an intrusion occurs
  • Open/close status sensors: let you know if you accidentally leave a window or the garage door open
  • Easy to install: simply stick the one-piece Tag on any type of door or window
  • Convenient: works up to 80 metres away from the Welcome camera
  • Resistant: waterproof for outdoor and indoor use
  • Only works with Netatmo Welcome camera. Sold separately

Thanks to the Tags' integrated open/closed state sensor, you can choose to be alerted if you have accidentally left a window or the garage door open. Check directly on your smartphone if all windows are closed.

Place the Tags where you need them: the waterproof Tags can be installed indoor and outdoor.   Installation is easy: simply stick the one-piece Tag to any door or window.  And, thanks to their extra-long reach, Netatmo Tags can be placed up to 80m away from the camera.

Box Contains: 3 Tags, 3 strong adhesive strips, 3 x 2 AAA batteries
Specification: Resistant to UV, rain and wind.  Suits all door and window mechanisms. 76 x 15.8 x 30.4 mm. 
Compatibility: iOS 8 and above.  Android 4.3 and above.

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