Peel n Stick

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Blank cards with an adhesive surface, create your own greetings! Whatever you have to say to your friends and loved ones, it's often best to say it in as personal a way as possible (assuming it's positive). Just like making your Mum a Mother's Day card when you were young, or hand writing that letter of complaint to that Traffic Warden when you weren't so young; our Peel N' Stick cards allow you to fix almost anything to the front, and then add your personal message inside, appropriate for any situation and completely personal though we obviously encourage rose petals bonded to one on Valentine's day, or sand from your beach holiday sending home, rather than fixing something unsavoury to the front and forwarding it to a certain someone about a certain parking fine.

Pack of 2 blank greetings cards with adhesive fronts & envelopes. 13.5 x 19.2cm

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