Pencil Stylus

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They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so by extension it's safe to assume the pencil is mightier than the finger. Make you and your smartphone look even smarter with a Suck UK Pencil Stylus. A chunky retro pencil shape makes it easy to hold and easy to use on smartphones and other devices with touchscreen technology. It's the most stylish stylus money can buy! There are two types of touch screen; 'capacitive' or 'resistive'.

The Touch Stylus is designed to work with both! Capacitive touch screens (used on the iPhone, iPod & iPad) use electrodes to sense the conductive properties of objects, such as you finger. Thats why an iPhone will work if you touch it with your finger - but not with a pencil, pen etc. Resistive touch screens work in the way you might first imagine a touchscreen to work - it responds to pressure. These can be activated by your finger and other objects.

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