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Let the games begin!

Games Room Quizzes are perfect for parties or at-home family fun. With an assortment of games and quiz topics on offer, there's something for everyone in this fun range from Ridley's Games Room.

Each Games Room Quiz includes question cards and instructions. Beautifully giftboxed in graphic Games Room packaging.

Available styles:

  • Classic Charades - Gather your friends and family, young and old alike, for a 'race against mime', in this game of classic charades. Act out the titles of books, films, songs, TV shows and plays without speaking for your team to guess
  • The Name Game - A quick-fire guessing game suitable for all ages. Describe the famous person without using the words on the cards and see just how many your team mates can guess to win the game
  • Sing It Back - Read out the lyric from a well-known song - your team mates must then say - or better still, sing - the line. Includes 280 classic pop and rock hits from the 50s to the present day
  • Who Am I - Guess the mystery celebrity named on the card, using up as few clues as possible
  • Brain Freeze - A fast-paced word guessing game suitable for all ages. Get your friends to say the secret word, without using any of the words listed on the card
  • General Knowledge - Challenge yourself and friends to a wide range of topics for trivia enthusiasts
  • Pop Music - Test your friends' and family's music knowledge - whether you're a pop princess, rock god or hip hop aficionado, there's something for everyone
  • Movie Buff - Have you got what it takes to be crowned champion 'Movie Buff'? A fun and fast-paced quiz for film fanatics of all ages, with questions from old classics to modern day blockbusters. Lights, camera, action!
  • Brain Teasers - Put your friends and family to the test with this collection of brain teasers, riddles and conundrums


  • 140 question cards
  • Instructions

Material: Paper, card

Card dimensions: 11.7cm x 5.1cm

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