Sonny Angel - Animal 2 (Set of 12)

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Genuine Sonny Angel Animal 2 Kewpie Dolls from Australian Authorised dealer.

The Sonny Angel Animal 2 Kewpie Dolls recall the joy and mystery of collecting toys from gumball machines. Each set of 12 sonny angel characters are wearing nothing but a hand-painted headdress.

BUY Sonny Angel - Animal 2 Blind Box (Individual)

Size: 4 x 5 x 10 cm

Material: ATBC-PVC

In order of appearance:

Fawn, Reindeer, Uribou, Giraffe, Sheep, Pig, White Bear, mouse, Rhinoceros, Cow, Lesser Panda, Parakeet.

Sets of 12:
When you buy a complete set of 12 sonny angels you have a chance (totally random) that one of the set will be replaced with a random rare secret angel. Or you may be lucky and get an additional smaller figurine. Good luck...

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