Twelve South BookBook Rutledge for iPad Air

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Artisan leather case for iPad Air

The Rutledge Edition BookBook is more than just a beautiful case to protect the iPad. BookBook Rutledge doubles as a hands-free display stand with 30 degrees of angle adjustment, so you can clearly see the person you’re FaceTiming with or the movie you’re streaming. Rutledge also has a built-in typing stand so you can keep up on emails, Facebook updates and tackle documents in Pages. Just for iPad, Rutledge has special touches, like a small notch in the support frame that allows you to access Notification Center in iOS 7. Rutledge is a unique, ultra light and super slim way to personalize and protect your iPad Air or iPad mini.

We re-wrote the book on finishing leather

The remarkable design on each Rutledge is a story in itself. We developed an entirely new technique for applying multiple layers of color, then carefully removing selected elements – revealing a radiant tapestry of hues and patterns. Each cover reveals a slightly different finish, as the brilliant tones follow the natural grain of the leather itself. This creates a premium yet distinctive look you won’t see on any other “me too” case or sleeve. BookBook Rutledge is a show stopper – and conversation starter – at the same time.


Compatible with:
iPad Air

Height: 260 mm (10 inches)
Width: 190 mm (7.5 inches)
Depth: 23 mm (0.9 inches)
Weight: 453.6 g (16 ounces)

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