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To the general public, Andy Warhol is known as a painter of famous faces, from Liz and Marilyn and Jackie and Marlon to his own ever-changing self-portrait. Less known are the portraits he made throughout his career of socialites, art dealers, collectors, politicians, and a variety of contemporary cult figures, mostly commissioned work that helped finance Warhol's many other artistic activities. Now available in paperback, this book is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of Warhol's many portraits, including well-known icons as well as many works largely unknown even by avid Warhol followers.

  • A portrait gallery of more than 300 of the most glamorous and powerful figures of the 1960s to the 1980s, from the famous to the infamous
  • Essays offer key insights and behind-the-scenes details into one of the most well-known but least-studied aspects of Warhol’s work
  • A must-have for every Warhol enthusiast or pop-culture fan

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