Wild and Wolf Scandiphone - Black

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Gift a stylish black scandiphone telephone by Wild & Wolf. Wild and wolf's all-in-one upright pushbutton Scandiphone is based on a unique 1950's design. 

Wild & Wolf pay tribute to the original masterpieces of 20th century telecommunications with a range that adds subtle modern updates without ever sacrificing the integrity of the originals they’re based on. Regardless of whether your interior design scheme is modern, retro, or vintage, these phones will bring a touch of classic cool to your landline.

Smaller and lighter than anything available at the time, it's unusual one piece design was a fine example of form and function in harmony. The push button version was introduced in 1967.

In 1973 the Phone was selected to be part of the New York Museum of Modern Artís Collection, in recognition of its significance as a piece of good design in the 20th Century.

Push button dialling

Redial button

Ringer volume on/off switch

Tone/pulse switch

Earpiece volume control

Plugs into a standard phone socket with supplied adaptor

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