Yoga Mat - Natural Rubber - Crystal Waves Limited Edition Print

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The CRYSTAL WAVES mat features a limited-edition print by renowned aerial photographer, Remy Gerega. This stunning image captures the unpredictable beauty of cascading waves in the ocean, and the clarity that appears in calm water. Feel invigorated by the majestic white waves washing over the sun-reflected ripples of the ocean.

Each PRAIA yoga mat is made from natural rubber with a digitally-printed microfiber layer.

Each mat is 100% hypo allergenic and biodegradable, and an added antibacterial layer ensures the mats remain hygienic and safe, no matter how much you use them.

Our mats are incredibly soothing and have been designed for both HOT and DRY yoga practices, providing greater grip when moisture is applied.

Cotton carry straps are included with every yoga mat purchase, so you can easily take your PRAIA mat wherever you go.


  • Length: 183 cm
  • Width: 61 cm
  • Depth: 3 mm


Our natural rubber is sourced from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis, which is native to South and Central America. The organic latex is hand-tapped from these rubber trees by making small incisions into the bark and then collected by small cups. This process keeps the trees alive and can be reused for years, making it a highly sustainable ecological resource.

Natural rubber is also a healthier choice for yogis as it does not contain harmful petrochecmical-based Synthetic Rubber such as PVC, TPE, EVA and NBR which releases harmful chemicals during production, when in use, and when disposed of. 

Natural rubber is not only an environmentally friendly, renewable resource, it has a greater resistance to tearing when hot, better dynamic performance, won’t retain moisture like other synthetic rubbers

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to the environment and ultimately themselves and others. We strive to create products using renewable materials to make the choice of buying a yoga mat one that leaves you with a positive feeling and clear conscience. 


To maximise the life or your beautiful PRAIA yoga mat, we recommend the following steps:


All mats are machine or hand washable. Please use mild detergent on a gentle/delicates cycle.Always dry your mats in the shade, with all prints on the reverse side. Do not iron or tumble dry.


Always use your mat print-side-up. For added surface grip, spritz your mat lightly with water, or as desired.


Always ensure your yoga mat is completely dry before rolling up and storing. Store mats in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

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